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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Modern Push cylinder mowers e.g. Webb H18

I wondered if any of you have experience of modern push cylinder mowers like the Webb H18…? There is a nice 20inch model from Scott in the USA but it seems not to be available in the UK sadly. I had a small gardena but it was quite narrow (30cm iirc) and the wider mowers are more appealing.

As blade grinding is now relatively expensive i thought this might be a good choice compared to picking up an older push mower like the Qualcast B1 or E1 which I have used in the past or an ajax/witch? 

Any experiences of using or working on these machines? 

Messorestore Fri, 05/02/2021

Hi, I have found that the modern reel type mowers ( such as Einhell or Samger ) whilst nice and light seem to be quite flimsy. I'm not sure how far beyond any warranty they will last. They surely won't last as long as say an Anglia, Witch or Ajax. If you are not happy investing in another vintage mower, which I would still suggest is the best option ( what cost sharpening vs replacing a modern flimsy machine failing) I would look at buying the Webb WEH12R. It's the closest thing you'll get to the lovely push machines of old.  Don't forget the light modern machines are coughed out in vast quantities unlike the older more handmade machines where care, quality and time in manufacture was priority ( JP for example) I speak as a massive fan of push mowers. Personally I'd invest in an old machine where you can pick up one fairly reasonably and spend the rest sharpening etc and a case of beer .

Alexh Sat, 06/02/2021

I should mention that I've had a Ransome's Ajax until recently which was blunt and I also found it unwieldy due to the weight and the cut was very narrow. I would be looking at the simpler wheel driven mowers rather than the roller type (Ajax, witch etc). I can see that the modern mowers are lightly built, mostly of stamped sheet rather than castings of the past. Obviously there are advantages to the lighter weight in handling but may be less robust.

There is an oldish qualcast for sale which might be ideal if it is in good working order.

cwj123 Sat, 06/02/2021

I do buy and use modern sidewheel mowers.They are cheap to buy used.A good one(in my opinion)is Husqvarna novocut 64.It is rugged and copes well with longer grass.Another good one is brill razor cut.Its the much cheapness and light for lifting between gardens that i like.Most of them are made in China .The wheels are weak on some of them.

Alexh Sun, 07/02/2021

The Novocut looks interesting. I think I had a brill a few years ago that I gave away when I moved to a house with a larger garden.

One is the main things I am looking for is good width of cut.