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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


See the article in Grassbox 66 entitled 'who would have bought one of these ? 
Just type Montamower in search.  Say no more !  It's still fascinating.

hillsider Sun, 25/04/2021

Hmm the Montamower is an interesting piece of kit and if you read Richard Jones's write up on the Tilmow Rally in the same issue of Grassbox the Montamower also appeared there courtesy of Colin Stone and we spent quite a while trying to discover the best way to get it to cut grass and eventually came to the conclusion that the idea might look good but it did not like English grass. Ray.

Clive1997 Mon, 26/04/2021

I have found my MontaMower to be great attention grabber at shows etc and always draws a few people in to look at other items. As to the late Dick Hardwick's article in Grass Box 66, am I right in saying in later years he did bring an early wooden handled MontaMower to the Beds Steam Rally! Did he succumb?

Another benefit, as you get older its great to have a display item that's light & takes up little space when loading up.

Messorestore Mon, 26/04/2021

Hahaha to be honest I don't think it likes grass full stop. It's more like a savage scarifier. 

stonethemows Mon, 26/04/2021

I think I am correct in saying there are three versions of the MontaMower, the first having the wooden T handle.

Yours appears to be in remarkable original order Sean, the best I've seen. I trust you are not considering restoration !

Marginally successful operation of it requires some practice; it's all down to getting the angle of the handle correct. In absolutely ideal conditions it's not a bad tool and, as Clive says, easy to manage, attracting a lot of interest. Everyone wants have a go. I will have to study a close up photo of my ' teeth ' to see how they compare.

Messorestore Mon, 26/04/2021

Funnily enough this  Montamower used to be Clive's. I've tried every angle, every length and type of grass but now think I'll use it for scarifying.

stonethemows Mon, 26/04/2021

One of the original ads. :


I'm assuming that my green handle is a later repaint, the cutter unit has traces of the blue.



What might appear to be rust is dried Waxoyl


My eyesight isn't brilliant but do I notice a difference in the cutter design ?


Messorestore Mon, 26/04/2021

Yes the cutter design is different. Reading , I understand they made several versions but I understand the colour is blue.