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Moved house - Asking for opinion

Hi all,

I recently moved house and have come to the conclusion that my Ajax 4 is no longer suitable for mowing my new garden. I went from a 25f x 75ft garden to almost about 0.7 acre.

I'm trying to decide if the lawn warrants a sit on mower or if i should just get a larger push behind. Here is a link to the google maps picture (sorry i couldn't work out how to upload the image to the post itself so apologies if i'm breaking rules).

There are several "pieces" of grass and quite a few trees and shrubs which make me wonder if a ride on would be no good, but at the same time, i work 8 hours a day minimum, have dogs to walk, a partner to keep happy and soon little ones to take up my time. Do you think a ride on would be sensible based upon the shape, trees and other bits or should I just buy a large petrol mower and be done with it? - Grateful for any wise words, i'm being very indecisive!



wristpin Wed, 26/05/2021

A robot mower such as a Husqvarna Automower. Leave it to get on with the job while you enjoy family life. I made the switch to robot mowing 15 years ago and have not regretted it.

DJD Thu, 27/05/2021

Wristpin, do those things have any real power or ability to do large areas? The ones I've seen close up seem more like toys than real work horses, which this chap seems to need, or maybe they've come on a lot since then.

Wiltshireworm Thu, 27/05/2021

How much do you enjoy mowing?

If not at all then the suggestion of an automatic robot mower is a good one, but there is usually work involved to make sure that it does not escape into the neighbour's garden & work for him instead. 

A 24 inch Atco or Webb ride-on would be a good choice, if you like stripes. They both have a detachable seat & so you can use them without the seat in the tighter areas. Keep your Ajax for the really tight areas & paths around the flower beds & veggie patch. 

 I am assuming that you have asked the club because you like older types of mower. If you are still not sure about a ride-on, then a Ransomes Marquis 20 inch or 18 inch will be an interesting mower, because they are so light & easy to use, they also give a good rolled effect & nice stripes like the TV golf courses.

Any of the above are good models & can be serviced by your local mower dealer without much fuss because parts are still readily available.  Whatever you choose, good luck & enjoy your new garden. 

Peter Hampton  In the garden machinery business since 1963

Will Fri, 28/05/2021

I'm in agreement with Wristpin.

Modern robot mowers are extremely good, some people work them virtually none stop on large gardens. 

It sounds like you don't have that much time on your hands to enjoy mowing as such, why not let a robot mower do the work and then have something in the shed to tinker with, a nice Ransomes Marquis or something...