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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

My last project until the new year.

 It has been hit and miss with the weather of late to complete this model, I have enjoyed it though and it is my last project until the new year where I will look to buy the Ransomes Lion and Cub to complete the set or possibly another couple of Scot Shanks, which ever comes first.

The one thing I will need to source for this Leo - 2 expansion tenison springs which keep the handle in an upright position when not in use, the only problem I have is finding the correct type, it will of course be trial and error because I have nothing to compare to.

The pictures are not that great unfortunately, my phone seems to pick and choose when to capture a good image,the green is slightly darker than illustrated.

Overall, I had a good run this year restoring Lawnmowers.  





Messorestore Wed, 19/08/2020

Hi, why not try a Lioness. I've got a restored one and they're a lovely mower. Just a thought

John.Sutherland Thu, 20/08/2020

I have one already, it is a shame they did not come with a plaque but like you say, it is a lovely mower.

John.Sutherland Thu, 20/08/2020

Bought a pair of Expansion Springs from "HAMS" in Market Harborough, Ref Code ET013 -.approximately 5cm Length x 1.5cm Width,

You will of course need to pull and bend the ends to slot into their relevant locations with 2 long nose pliers 

They give enough tension to keep the handle upright and most importantly, keeps the the mower firmly on the ground without the acrobatics.

As mentioned before, I cannot compare these new Expansion Springs to the originals since my Leo came without them, so in affect I am trialling these out and will give my verdict before the end of the year and hopefully its a thumbs up which will give future enquiries for expansion springs for the Leo a relatively easy place to buy them from without the hassle of costly trial and error. 


Messorestore Thu, 20/08/2020

Yes, shame about the plaque but at least it has the model branded onto the handle which is rather unique. Yours is in as good a condition as mine, superb example. Thanks for sharing photo. I submit a photo of a little display I had by myself during lockdown and you'll see my example amongst a few of my other machines.