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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

My little display

My small display at my local craft centre, they kindly gave me a small space at they're 50th anniversary fete so jumped at the chance to show my small collection and hopefully promote the club, thank you Keith for the use of the banner. Hope you like, sorry about photos, my phone is shocking. 




Clive1997 Sun, 12/09/2021

Fantastic display Lee & sure you had loads of interest & looks like weather was kind.

See you soon.

RansomesRob Sun, 12/09/2021

Brilliant set of mowers on display there Lee. Looks really good. Hope you had a great day. Cheers. Rob

Lee Smallwood Mon, 13/09/2021

i hear you Mike, the space was tight, not flat and full off rocks, and i couldn't decide what to leave behind, i had very positive feedback with one guy saying  "its a feast for the eyes", it was my first display so yes, a little crowded, but hopefully something for everyone in there, a nice lady came up to me, she said, "ooh, they're nice i understand why you would collect them" with my response, "thank you, I wish my misses understood", and as quick as the wind she said, "I understand her too" made me chuckle. lots of people taking photos, some interest in the club, so a success in my eyes, learnt a lot, as in leave the heavy ones behind unless for a longer display, shifting those twice in one day, even with help was hard work, good fun, nice to talk with people who appreciate them, better signage is a must as my handwriting is not great, and probably meant people wouldn't stop and a have a read.


stonethemows Tue, 14/09/2021

I think you are to be congratulated Lee. An exhibitor does not often get the luxury of dictating site and size of pitch, particularly with a smaller local event. The general public, and seemingly some organisers, often are totally unaware of the time and physical effort required to put on a display like this. Organisers would do well to realise that ' their ' event is usually made possible by motivated enthusiasts willing to take part at their own expense; and make no mistake there is some involved. Most experienced event organisers after the first outing will appreciate the value and contribution of your display and as far as possible accommodate requirements you may prefer.

After many years of exhibiting old lawnmowers at a variety of events, sometimes solo, sometimes with several other Club members, I can tell you it is a rewarding experience, for the most part. The trick is to try to evaluate the response in relation to the input required. Sometimes you need to go to an event for the first time to see what it is like and judge the ' potential '. Occasionally you will do an event and not think it worth going again next year ! One year I did something like fifteen events but decided at the end of the season that was really too much, on top of a physically demanding full time job. Dare I say I was also probably helped by the fact that I was at the time ' unattached '. I should make it quite clear though that the mowers were not a contributory factor to that state.

There is no better way of promoting the subject, meeting interesting people, some of whom may be able to fill gaps in your knowledge, and there is always the chance of being offered something interesting.