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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Mystery Mower

Anyone like to suggest what make of mower this is? 

stonethemows Mon, 09/08/2021

Is this something of a trick question ? There are elements of Atco but one or two bits I don't recognise immediately.

Clive1997 Mon, 09/08/2021

Yes, spot on those who said Shay Four in Hand, easily mistaken for an Atco at first glance as I did.  But note distinctive fuel tank,  rope pull through eye on handle, gbox fixings & various others bits different when you place the two side by side.

Adrian Mon, 09/08/2021

Intriguing - I never knew Shay made non-rotary mowers.

A jolly interesting pile of scrap there too - do I see the remains of an Atco HY? Or is that a later machine with the transverse fuel tank?