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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

New to the Club

Just a quick note of introduction. My name is Dave, I live in Devon and have decided that the mowers languishing in my shed deserve to be restored. They are small mowers, as follows:

  • Ransomes Midget, not running yet
  • Atco 14 or 16 inch, think early 1930s with handle start and round tool box. Not running yet
  • JP Super 1948
  • Qualcast 16 (needs a grassbox)
  • 12 inch Atco with kick start (nice little mower that works well)
  • Ransomes Mercury

Plenty to do, but should I ever complete this little lot I would like to acquire a lager older mower, perhaps an Atco Standard. And I am keen to replace a mower I much regret selling a few years ago, a Brott 20, 202 or 27. 

Looking forward to making new contacts, picking up knowledge and finding sources of spare parts through the club.




wristpin Mon, 05/06/2017

Welcome. Looks as though that lot will keep ypu occupied for a while. My Dad fancied a Brott and had one on demonstration, until mother heard the noise that it made and said NO.