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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

New to the club

Hi, just joined as I have finally got my Suffolk Colt out of the shed and needed some inspiration on getting it going again. Its not been used for a few years. A strip down of the carb, cleaned and a look on here for the base settings I have managed to cut the grass. It does need a tune up on the carb to get it idling better, but thats another day.


hillsider Sun, 18/04/2021

Hello and welcome to the Old Lawnmower Club, please can you tell us which engine is fitted to your mower? if possible a photo showing the engine and carburettor would help us to give you better advice.

Clive1997 Mon, 19/04/2021

Welcome to the club, pleased to hear you have found the answers on here to get the mower going. We have many members with Suffolks & lots of knowledge to help you with any future problems.

I have great memories, the Colt being the first motor mower I used as a lad probably, 60yrs ago.

wristpin Mon, 19/04/2021

Welcome.  The model name Colt covered several permutations going back to the 1950s . A couple of decent images will enable other Club members to identify your machine and offer the relevant advice.  Do read and act on the image posting advice, it's not just drag and drop! 



mogsman Mon, 19/04/2021

Its a 75G 14 engine, model no. 21A. The tank is on top of the engine. Could'nt figure out how to put the photos on here from my phone.

Lee Smallwood Tue, 20/04/2021

Hi mogsman,

Choose file, upload then don't forget to click the insert button, then save at the bottom, you've probably got a late 50s early 60s colt. Nice mower and my first "old" mower which got me into this great obsession.

hortimech Wed, 21/04/2021

Your 'Suffolk Colt' is actually a 14 inch Suffolk Punch.


mogsman Wed, 21/04/2021

Thanks, I thought it was a Colt due to the smaller size and the tank on top of the engine. Its still a heavy lump. I was given it years ago to take off the engine for a kart project, but as it was just about running, I couldn't strip it. 

wristpin Wed, 21/04/2021

Your 'Suffolk Colt' is actually a 14 inch Suffolk Punch.

A MkVII Punch , to be precise . One of my favourite machines. Just needed a handle bar controlled traction clutch to give the Qualcast Commodore a run for its money.