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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

New member , be gentle

Hi all, hope your well in these crazy times , I recently spotted a old lawn mower for sale and I just had to have it , I feel a few purest will think it's been ruined but I didn't do the work to it , here's a few pics. I bought it from a shop that publishes a magazine on kustom art , pin striping , airbrushing etc and was told that the mower was part of a " Alice in wonderland" set at a kustom art show in 2011 in Lincoln.


CreekyD Fri, 24/07/2020

 Thank you, I didn't know I was in to old lawn mowers until I bought this one, and now seeing all the ones on here I feel a little collection coming along  . Do you know what model Ransomes mower this is , struggling to find info on it , the blades have been painted red but everything is there and working , would love to learn how to sharpen the blades and actually use this as my mower and ditch my petrol one as my garden is tiny. 

Clive1997 Fri, 24/07/2020

Hello welcome to the forum, whilst my preference is for originality, customising is down to personal taste & as the mower is not particularly rare, no problem with giving it a different look, also hopefully this has wetted your appetite to look more seriously at lawn mowers & their history

You have a Ransomes Conquest 1959 to 1965  according to Colin Stone's excellent article in our club magazine No.110 where you will find out all about them, a taster for you on the link below, & well worth the subscription to the club for the mags alone with loads of useful & interesting info, plus of course plenty of other support

I have seen a conquest decked out in RAF colours etc like a spitfire, so they are prone to an artful eye.

I was guilty of customising a Ford Anglia around 50 years ago, had I kept it original I see they are fetching thousands, but I don't think the Conquest will appreciate that much, Alice in Wonderland has less street cred than Harry Potter!