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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

New Member ... with Question about Qualcast Commodore 14"

Dear All 

I have have just joined and have small collection of Qualcast Commodores, patiently waiting to be restored.  Could anybody help me in identifying the Qualcast green RAL colour.  I could at a pinch try to colour match against some existing paint, however I would prefer to try and  achieve the exact and original colour if possible.   Additionally could anybody please recommend a paint manufacturer. 

Many thanks


Wiltshireworm Mon, 30/08/2021

Hi George

I have no idea what the colour code is for the Commodore, but as you have several to paint it would be well worth taking a clean original section, (I find the inside of the chaincase is a good place to look), of the machine to a vehicle paint & body shop. They will get it copied, but you may have to buy a litre or more of that paint.

A good way to get a cheaper colour match could be Norfolk Green or mix a couple of similar darker greens to get a match. That is some of the fun of restoring old mowers, you will be proud when you get it right. Incidentally the cutting cylinder was an orange, when new, similar to Howard cultivators. Service dealers will have painted yours PO red over the years.

A good addition to your little set, (if you can find one), would be a 1950s Qualcast Royal Blade, a 2 stroke machine with the same Commodore frame. The grassboxes will interchange. It's the older brother, all nice mowers.

Good luck in your quest. Peter Hampton

George700 Tue, 31/08/2021

Hello Peter.

Thank you for your  response and recommendations.   I expect it will come down to matching as best I can. (I have seen some horrendous paint jobs on some Commodores although I expect the owners were more interested in simply giving their mowers a  quick spray over rather than trying to restore them as new). 

I missed out on a Royal Blade several years ago, but didn't think anything of it at the time. I do now  keep an eye out for anything Qualcast  but I have a long standing affection for the Commodores,  having cut my teeth and learnt my nuts and bolts on my late father's Commodore from an early age back in the 60's !   As a rather meticulous engineer,  the lessons he taught me then about  the importance of servicing and maintaining equipment  have stuck with me through the course of time.     

Many thanks.