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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

New member - Villiers Midget 98cc


New guy here.  Just recently bought an atco lightweight 14".  Ive a use for the engine,  its going i to a custom pedal car / go kart. 

I live these little engines,  this one however had seen better days.  The fuel mist of sat in the carb and tank for many years.  The carb was totally blocked with sedement and rust!  After a full tear down and ean using nitro cellulose paint thinners,  its as good as new.  Needle was seized but after uaing the thi ners and blowing it all through with compresed air,  it freed up nicley. 


The piston and barrel was coked up beyond recodnition,  but the thinners made light work of that too! 

Anyway,  the motor is all i wanted,  so ive now got loads of spare parts for an atco lightweight.  If anybody is i  need let me know :) 

Engine runs great now,  original coil reads 3.5ohms, timing set at flywheel and a general good clean up,  heres the results. . .