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new member,another request for Atco identification.

i have just got hold of an atco 20 inch, with a villiers engine ,generaly it seems pretty good although not running yet ,have got the .head off and found it very muckyinside, the plug was seizsed in the head but with a little heat it came out and no damage to the thread. so i am progressing ok with the engine , but would like to know if this model had a name? Thank you.

wristpin Fri, 27/07/2018


The engine is a Villiers Lightweight, probably 150cc.

You tell us that it's a 20" machine so that probably makes it a model F16, otherwise known as a 20" Heavy Duty 

It should have a cylindrical fuel tank between the two brackets above the engine.


Just enlarged your pic of the chassis on the iPad . If you look at the lower right hand fixing for the handlebar you will see a round disc. Clean that up with care and you may find some numbers stamped into it. Atco were a bit inconsistent with their numbering but you may find something like 62-20 for 1962 20”

jedmiddy Sat, 28/07/2018

Thank you so much for the reply, i have the tank but taken it off for better access to the head,I will indeed look for the markings in the place you suggest,my biggest headache is the cork in the fuel tap tried immersing it in some fuel for a couple of days to see if it would swell up, no success there so i need investigate that further ,also i have as yet no grass box so am on the lookout for one .

jedmiddy Sun, 29/07/2018

Thanks for the link,very usefull, i think i will invest in a new fuel tap as mine is also missing the filter.

Very much appreciating your help.

jedmiddy Sun, 29/07/2018

Thank you once again wristpin, checked out as F16  HD 2065.

Been Enjoying the rain ,sitting in the workshop cleaning the carb this morning, and i think i am going to be successful replacing the cork for the fuel tap.

Lee Smallwood Tue, 31/07/2018

Hi, I had the same issue with the cork on my ewarts brass fuel tap on my Colt, so not knowing I checked out you tube, had a useful vid of a guy using a drill and sandpaper to spin the cork on a pilot drill bit the same size as the shaft and use the sand paper to reduce the size of cork to fit tightly in the tap, did it and worked a treat 2 years and not a drip. have a few corks handy as the first few fell to bits on me. Lee

Chris G Wed, 01/08/2018

Not sure I would agree with that on a new or old fitted cork for that matter, unless its the wrong size cork to start with. A good compressed fit on the shaft is required, spinning on a drill bit of any sort will open that up (or break it) Again if it will not fit in the body by a wide mark it might be the wrong size, but a small smear around with red rubber grease and a tap should have it in and working correctly.

wristpin Wed, 01/08/2018

As per ChrisG . A bit of lube, Vaseline or whatever and wiggle a bit on entry to make sure that the cork is not being pushed back before tapping in..