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New Mower Identification - ATCO

Morning all,

I have recently purchased the below (if pics load) ATCO mower. This has been purchased as a project for my Father and I and we intend to take it apart and refurbish it completely hopefully to be in like new working order for 2019 grass season. There are a number of questions i have that if anyone can help would be great.

1. What model/year is the mower

2. Is it possible to download a manual for this model, with specs and diagrams?

3. The front rollers are very worn/cracked, are these easy to replace.

This is not something i have done before and currently have limited knowledge but between my father and i we have an engineering background of sorts so hopefully wont find this to much like rocket science!

Any comments and answers would be much appreciated.




wristpin Fri, 01/06/2018

Welcome to the Club.

What  you have is an Atco De Luxe. If you look at the chassis just below the engine’s recoil starter you will see a small round plate . Hopefully that will be imprinted with something like 59/14 ( or the other way round) signifying that it is a 14” machine built in 1959. However, Atco were a bit erratic in what they put on the plate, sometimes just a model number.

Parts  list etc - I will post a link to one later.

Wooden rollers. The originals are oak and there are a couple of auction site sellers who do them to order or a local turner will probably be pleased to make them in return for some beer tokens..

In the meantime get a can of Plus Gas dismantling fluid - much better than that WD stuff for rusty fixings. Depending on its age it may even have BSF and Whitworth sized nuts and bolts etc . Later ones were UNF.…