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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

New purchase.....Atco standard 16"

Ok so i haven't quite finished my other restoration, it being a long term project, and I've gone and bought another. Ever since I bought my atco 14" I've had my eye on a standard and one came my way at the right price.


Only problem is the silencer on the exhaust has a rather large hole in it. Does anyone know where I can source a spare? Or if the worst comes to the worst what I need to do to get one fabricated?


The box is also missing, if anyone has the dimensions of the box I'd like to get it pretty much an exact replica if possible?


Apart from getting it running the next job may be to change the colour. I think im starting to become a collector, im also far too excited to see her uo and running


gtc Wed, 09/08/2017

Please check your email for potential contact.

Yes, that particular green doesn't quite suit. A lot of work by somebody, though.

dunnes2002 Sun, 13/08/2017

Thanks again GTC, your contact has come up with the goods. Not only the silencer but a few other pieces that he noticed were missing after sending a picture.  

Currently advising me how to get a spark, which spark plug to use etc. A very helpful knowledgeable person, I may not need to be posting many questions here as he normally answers them before I have asked!


I will keep updating though with stages of the restoration.