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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

New Suffolk Super Colt

Hello All

Just acquired a 'New' Suffolk Super Colt, I believe 1976, never been put together, having spent 44 years in a garage that appears to have become damp over the years, there are slight blemishes in the paint on the side of grass box & a bit of white paint spilt on the machine but once cleaned up will make a nice exhibit to stand beside the brand new 1979 Punch already displayed in the museum.

Out of curiosity, anyone know when the last Colt was made?

I don't have specific evidence of the date, however it did come with a 'New' Qualcast Cultimatic De Luxe cultivator again never been used & still had the labels, price tag & guarantee all dated 1976.

Its amazing how these machines still turn up, in addition to the above we have a 1971 'New' Qualcast Superlite Panther & a 'New' Webb Miniature 1960's, both were in original boxes.

I live in hope of finding a boxed Silens Messor one day!!!!!