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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Newbie with many questions.

Hello to all, new member here, I'm a retired mechanical engineer now living in North West France. Retired here and now been here for 9 years, brought over a pretty comprehensive workshop with me. For my day to day cutting of my 4 acres I have a Countax ride on

I've acquired a Dennis type Z which I have just started to renovate, just a few questions for a starter.

I'd like to know what year it is, there is no identification plate and the engine has a number stamped into the crankcase of RC 632, it has twin handles rather than a single cross bar,the exhaust has a short high level cast pipe with silencer just below the fuel tank.

The engine has been painted silver, would that be standard?

For the moment I've totally dismantled the engine, which I will re-furb first, before moving on to the rest of the machine, most of the Dennis is luckily complete and seems to just need bringing back to a useable standard, I do have the roller seat and grassbox.

I'll post some detail and pictures as I go.



wristpin Fri, 12/08/2016

Definitely one for the Dennis experts but I'll watch with interest as I have my Dad's Dennis which still gets the occasional outing but I've got no idea date wise as I was under the impression that he bought it new in around 1936 but someone recently suggested that it is post WW2. Just to confuse matters it is a bit of a hybrid as I fitted an oil bath rear roller to replace the worn out "dry" one and I've got a couple of swap engines.