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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Nothing you have not seen before. Shanks Scot renovated


I do not have the Petrol Head bug, I much prefer these Side wheel / Reel Lawnmowers. Once I finish one project, I tend to buy another one, by the end of this month I will have 9 Lawnmowers and I would imagine by the end of the year, I will have reached 15. It matters not that my shed and garden is not big enough, I just enjoy it, 

Lee Smallwood Mon, 08/06/2020

What a Cracker, and I'm amazed to see your restraint in waiting to complete one before going and getting another, looking back maybe I should have done the same, but I can't stop myself, some (the misses) say I have a problem, but I'm not sitting in a pub every night, and I'm not gambling, and not on drugs, so what am I spending my kids inheritance on, coffee and lawnmowers, and when the coffee takes its toll and I'm dead and gone, the lawnmowers will be theirs, sorry boys. Maybe by then they'll all be looking as nice as your Scot, but I doubt it. Good job Mr S. 

John.Sutherland Mon, 08/06/2020

Thank you Lee, I am very much on the same level as your self except I have taken to Ovaltine than coffee (maybe the odd beer or spirt on occasion at  home) This lawnmower cost me  £2.19 from Ebay, I figured the seller would be upset at such a loss and so I paid him an extra £20, according to the gentleman, It was bought new and remained in his family for five generations until he chose to sell it on.

I sent him the photos as seen here and he too was amazed at the transformation, including his grandfather,I tend to do this with all my purchases, it gives them satisfaction their once family heirloom is in good hands.

My teenage son Thomas has taken an interest too, so I have bought him a Ransomes Lioness to work on by him self, he is not aware of it yet, not until it arrives.

I just need to source the correct colour for it which I should beable to find here on the group archive. Happy Days.   

Antbr123 Mon, 08/06/2020

This reminds thread reminds me of a discussion I had at work only recently.

A colleague was advised that he should be spending more time ski-ing....something he was quite good at...but as he was in his 50's had largely stopped doing.  My colleague replied he was getting too old and out of practice etc etc etc.  Hie friend replied, "No Jeff SKI-ing!".  Jeff looked at him puzzled....whereupon his friend explained...spend kids inheritance..!!



John.Sutherland Tue, 09/06/2020

"Funny" But It did take me three attempts to read and understand that which you had written, mainly because my mind would not function after a night of broken sleep, who knew Jack Russell's have nightmares.

Yelping in his sleep,  "JEZUS"