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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


Beers going down well,  about time we ordered the Pizza's, suggest we go for the  smaller size this year

Chris G Fri, 15/05/2020

Beers going down well,  about time we ordered the Pizza's, suggest we go for the  smaller size this year

Been lucky with the weather too !

Lee Smallwood Fri, 15/05/2020

The virtual rally page is going to be busy this weekend, I'll be virtually shaking your virtual hand Clive, I've got a virtual pocket, full of virtual pound notes in it, to virtually buy some virtual mowers off you. Sunday will be a bummer for me, I love the auction, where else can you buy a nice, working 1930s mower for £2, I'm gutted. 

hdtrust Fri, 15/05/2020

Well you can forget the virtual business down here!

All the Pizza is home made by my gorgeous wife, and the beer is also home made plus the wine at 16 percent, and no driving involved,we have a limited audience of 3 girls all with waggy tails,and can sit around,and fiddle with the oldest Motor mowers in the world,this is not virtual just a realality,

Any one about to raise a glass!

The Hall & Duck Trust

olcadmin Fri, 15/05/2020

Monitored website - check

Radio interview completed - check

Missing annual rally - check

Pasta not pizza - check

Have beer - check (note - first "proper" beer for nine - yes nine - weeks!)

In Paris "sans tondeuses" - check

I hope everyone has a great weekend, wherever you are, lawn mowers or otherwise.

RansomesRob Sun, 17/05/2020

Just getting up ready for 6.30 start. Hope to be at MK for 9.00. HI Keith, ok if I park here while I unload my JP MIni Mower for display and put this box of parts that will be an ATCO 1264 push mower when assembled in the auction? Sorted, get the car parked up. Sorted. Cuppa in the cafe. Sorted, find Henry's Black and Silver JP for a nosey. Sorted, take in all the fab mowers on display. Sorted, Find Clive. Sorted, Hey Clive, would my 1947 - 1949 Webb 2 Speed have had a grass box with the wording  'The Webb' appearing on the side? If so,.have you got one I could buy off you please? Sorted. Auction time. Wow, some great stuff here this year. Get bidding on that rare JP model. Sorted. Got it for a £1.00. Best have my lunch. Sorted. Another walk round the mowers on display. Sorted. Rob, Rob, wake up, you are dreaming!! See you all next year! Cheers. Rob

olcadmin Sun, 17/05/2020


Glad you could make it. I think we can safely allow you to park where you like this year!

Maybe next year's auction will be even bigger if people can hold items over until then. Even I was going to enter a few lots this year...

All the best.