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Qualcast 35DL engine problem electronic start

Hi folks. Had this qualcast 35dl with a suffolk engine for about a month it was given to mate as a none starter.

I've got spark. The engine will run for about 5 seconds then dies. I've cleaned the carb out and checked float all seems ok.

I'm thinking my throttle linkage could also be wrong to. If I push throttle from max to stop it works great, but if I go from stop to max the linkage seems loose and nothing moves.

Thanks in advance 


wristpin Wed, 22/11/2017


First, “electronic start”; electronic ignition, that is the spark supplied by an electronic module with no points and condenser, or a battery powered starter motor to rotate the engine as well as the recoil rope - or even both ? A few images of the engine from different angles will help with identification.

When the engine stops , does it still have a spark and does it restart immediately? However, from the information supplied so far it does sound as though it is a fuel issue.

Your "loose throttle linkage" may not be an issue as until the engine is running the governor, either mechanical or air vane, will not be acting on the linkage to tension it against the movement of the throttle lever.