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Ransomes 20" auto certes parts wanted

Afternoon all

i am in the process of repairing/ restoring my auto certes and could do with some parts.

are bits from the auto certes/marquis interchangeable? 

The engine is an A15

Thrower plate bracket or complete thrower plate with brackets 

recoil assembly


and more bits to follow as I work my way through it 










wristpin Sun, 22/10/2017

The throw plate brackets are easy to make but are common to both the Marquis and  AC. The font roller of the AC is a steel tube with bearings and unless they have been hacked off, the shaft is extended  beyond the chassis at each end , Marquises have multiple wooden rollers. AC’s have a knurled metal height adjuster wheel and Marquises a plastic one.

The AC cutting cylinder is ten bladed, the Marquis 5 and the AC has a dog clutch for independent cylinder disengagement. The Marquis rear roller is cast iron and ribbed whereas the AC ‘s is alloy and plain. Again, if original, the AC roller has extended shafts for transport wheels .

I can’t remember whether the throw plates are identical but I’m fairly sure that they are “ swappable ”

I think that we have covered the recoil starter in an earlier exchange. Would be easier to follow if it’s all in one thread.


hortimech Mon, 23/10/2017

As Wristpin as hinted at, it would be quicker to tell what is the same, because there isn't much, even though they look similar. It boils down to the Engine, clutch and top shaft, the landroll clutch and the cutterunit (less cylinder). and even some of these components might not really be suitable, if one uses imperial bearings and the other users metric ones.