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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransomes auto certes what's it worth?

Hi all

after tinkering with this beast I've decided to part with it and concentrate on my lighter easier to move and manhandle in my very small garage atco commodore!

ive serviced the engine, new bottom blade, cylinder regrind and paint

it cuts loverly but my garden is to small! 

Grass box is there but previous owner has done some repair and repainting

it can be a job to start from cold and after it's run out of petrol but one running its sweet! 

What should I ask for it? I could probably break it for good money but don't realy want to!

anyone here interested? 







Petrol_head29 Sun, 05/11/2017

sorry for the repeat  photos on the first post I'm trying to upload from my phone and it's not going well ha ha 



Clive1997 Mon, 06/11/2017


Could I suggest you place it in the classified ad's section on this website, this thread will gradually get buried, so it should receive more attention there. 

As to value its difficult, perhaps monitor some of the auction sites to get an idea, but often just luck if someone in your area has a need.

Hope that helps