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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransomes certes 16 inch push mower wanted. Wanted

Greetings enthusiasts. I'm searching for the above mower for my lawn. I've been keen on lawn care for many years and did have an old petrol cylinder mower but with no grass box.

There seem to be plenty of used petrol Certes in the used market but no push ones, or if there is a push one it has no grass box. Would the grass box on the push mower be the same as on the petrol mower?

If anyone has one for sale or knows of one for sale please let me know.

hortimech Sun, 22/09/2019

No a grassbox from an Auto-Certes will not fit a Certes, the machines are just too different. The Certes has cast aluminium frame sides compared with the pressed steel frame of an Auto-Certes.

The Certes was designed to cut golf greens and was probably the first greens triple, that's if you count the Overgreen as a triple mower.  

Antbr123 Mon, 23/09/2019

Hello Warpa,

Just for information - one was sold yesterday on the infamous on-line auction website for £235.  They do not come up very often, I think I have seen 2 in the 2 years only.  I currently have one, a MK8 or MK10 complete with box in good condition and better condition than the one sold yesterday.  All I can say is if you want to get your hands on one - be prepared to pay! They are a gorgeous machine to use.



Warpa Mon, 23/09/2019

The one that sold for £235 was maybe a dubious sale as it was also offered to me via gumtree, but they wanted money up front and to sent it to me. They were not interested in me collecting that day for cash.

£200 I would say is close to the maximum value if a fully refurbished one can be bought for £750.

If you are interested in selling yours I'm open to negotiations. This is more for me to relive what I used to mow my grandparents lawn and their neighbor's back when I was a small lad. 3 months ago i finally landscaped my garden and have started to create the perfect lawn, only utility grade so it's still usable for the grand kids, more leveling will be needed next spring, hence me wanting the old Ransomes.

wristpin Mon, 23/09/2019

That sounds more than dubious and the makings of an outright scam! You could always start with an Ajax?


Warpa Sat, 28/09/2019

Wristpin I keep replying and keep breaking the internet. Apart from the width what are the fundamental differences between the Certes and Ajax, and what Mk should I be looking for?

I think the Ajax will do for my needs but would like a Certes at some stage.

hortimech Sat, 28/09/2019

The Certes is a much heavier built machine, because it was designed for use on a golf course, it also has more cylinder blades than the Ajax.

Both machines are very similar in construction and use, you just get more cuts per yard and have to make fewer passes with the Certes.

It will be easier to find an Ajax than a Certes. You can check the construction of each machine by examining the parts lists here:……


Edda Sat, 28/09/2019

I agree the Certes is an entirely different lawnmower than the Ajax. I have 3 Certes mowers, two 14 inches and one 16 inch and all three have new Garfitts ten blade cylinders fitted. My 14 inch ones are mark 6 and all original including grass box and they get used every other day, one for the front lawn and one for the back lawn. I always wanted a 16 inch and when I finally got one and used it I preferred my 14 inch models better.

They are as rare as hens teeth but are a joy to use both my 14 inch versions were made in 1937 and the engineering that went into making them is excellent.

Warpa Sun, 29/09/2019

Part 50 LMS 911 I need. All of this is starting to make me wonder how far to go, looking at the mower there is some very good engineering gone into it and it's almost like an old watch.

By the time I source the part and possibly do a full refurb would I not just be better off buying a professionally restored one that's ready to go for around £300

Lee Smallwood Sun, 29/09/2019

I would probably stick with it, Ajax's come up for sale reasonably often, to source parts, I have a mk 4 which I'd be happy to donate, if the parts are the same although we're a bit of a distance between us as I'm near Bristol.  I'd be dubious about spending that sort of money on a restored Ajax, regardless of who bolted it back together. I'd be happy to photograph my 4 and post on here if you like. Lee

Warpa Sun, 29/09/2019



Warpa Sun, 29/09/2019

I have this one now, me being me am quite impatient and a little OCD. It means I'll have a nice one for the lawn that I can maintain and the un refurbished one to fix up, learn things on and refurb it.


wristpin Tue, 08/10/2019

I see that there’s a Certes on fleabay. Looks solid enough and says recently serviced by the Old Mower Co but doesn’t look much loved since then!  The grass box is of spurious origin and splitting at both sides.

Edda Tue, 08/10/2019

Looking at the photo's it all looks original even grass box but has seen better days, but could be put right with a little tender care.

Warpa Wed, 09/10/2019

Got a link? I've seen one with no grass box delisted minimum bid of 175, I think it's a tad over priced especially with no collection box.