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Ransomes Certes Mk 12 Cutter Height

I'd like to know what the maximum cutter height is on a Certes Mk 12 (push mower).

I know that you can reduce by 1/64 on a quarter turn but not sure what the starting point is.

Anyone know?



hortimech Wed, 26/07/2017

No idea, but you can work it out for yourself. Set the machine to its highest cut, turn it on its side, place a straight edge across the front and rear roller, now measure from the top of the bottom blade front edge to the top of the straight edge and this will be your theoretical maximum cutting height I say 'theoretical' because depending on the condition of the lawn it may sink in slightly or a lot.


gtc Wed, 26/07/2017

According to the operating manual, each quarter turn equates to 1/32 inch (pre 1972) or 1/64 inch (post 1972).

nick777vvv Wed, 26/07/2017

Thanks chaps.

I've got the operating manual but no mention of highest cut height - only the measurements as to when it is lowered.

Will try the self measuring approach - unless anyone has the answer?

Regards, Nick

gtc Wed, 26/07/2017

I think the suggested DIY approach is the way to go.

Don't forget to tell us what you find.