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Ransomes grass box decals

Which ransomes decals go with each ransomes ajax Mk? This is the brand new one I have for my Mk5

This is coming on another mower that I'm not sure of


wristpin Tue, 11/02/2020


“This site is very awkward for simple copy and paste of text and inserting of images. “

Not too difficult, the above was just copied and pasted from your post.  Images not a problem so long as you follow the instructions.

My only gripe is that the image posting system won’t accept pdfs.

Warpa Wed, 12/02/2020

Not too difficult, the above was just copied and pasted from your post.

Ah, need to switch to plane text editor, wonder if that means I can copy and paste from elsewhere other than from this forum.

I still need to find out the correct decals to order for a Mk5, although I prefer the coat of arms.

olcadmin Wed, 12/02/2020

Hi All

Images: hopefully the instructions help - there are lots of ways to post images as explained in the "Guidelines" section at the top of the Forums page. Always happy to explain and help if asked. Sometimes I will simply put right something that's gone wrong if I spot it so that images can "magically" appear. The commonest mistake by far seems to be that users upload the image correctly and then forget (or don't always realise) they have to click on the "insert" button on the editing screen.

Cut & Paste: you should be able to paste any text straight into the editing window. You cannot paste images because the software the site runs on won't allow it.

PDFs: it's a good suggestion because so many documents are created using PDF. However, the website software treats PDF differently to images such as JPG or PNG etc and won't recognise them as an image it can display. I've had a look and it would require additional modules and configuration to make it work and even then it looks like it will be a bit "clunky".

Hope this helps.

AUTO CERTES 1 Wed, 12/02/2020

Hi Warpa

I don't think the decal on your Ajax grass box is original. If you look at the garden at the feet of the lion and unicorn you will see a lack of foliage detail. 
Below is an original although an earlier type of transfer. It has much greater detail and is a different green etc. If yours is a sticker and not a water transfer then that is a dead give away too.


Warpa Thu, 13/02/2020

Will have the mower tomorrow so will have a better look. I'm still none the wiser to what decal goes on which Mk Ajax.

stonethemows Sat, 15/02/2020

The question of the correct transfer for the various Ajax marks is an absolute minefield. I have been researching this and the short answer regarding the mk5 is that both the examples in your photo's are correct. Until only this morning I thought that the later version with the grey background was a subsequent replacement. I have now though seen a Ransomes Ajax sales brochure which shows this version; also photo's of an original machine with it. Bear in mind that the mk5 was produced for about eight years, from '64 to '72. Adverts in the mid '60's clearly show the older version as per your second example. In the case of the mk5 it is therefore down to the particular year of manufacture, which in the absence of a purchase invoice for a specific machine will be guesswork. My current feeling is that the change from one version to the other occurred in the very late '60's or the early '70's. Certainly the grey background version relates to machines dating from the last two or three years of production.

I will shortly put on a new posting illustrating the options for all marks.

Clive1997 Sun, 16/02/2020

Excellent work the Ajax transfers they are a minefield, but perhaps best to go with one that looks the part.

I don't suppose you have a transfer for the early Ajax produced in 1878,  as I know you prefer the older mowers!!


Warpa Mon, 17/02/2020

I prefer the King George coat of arms but is £27 on this forum and a fraction of the cost on an auction site. I know i have done a very sympathetic restoration but think as im never going to sell it then get what i prefer. Im not sure if it will bother me over time though.

I can see me keeping the brand new box for the simple reason its new.