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Has anyone tried using this paint to match 1960's Ransomes Green. 
Looks promising from the colour chip. 
RAL 150 50 60


John.Sutherland Thu, 11/06/2020

Out of experience, touch ups are a quick but short term fix, better off spray painting the whole end section.

Car polish compound can be used to tone down the new-ness of the paint to match the slightly aged look of the original paint by using a slightly damp cloth and compound polish.  

Also, get enough paint in one go to avoid not having enough, there is no guarantee the second order will be 100% match to the first batch of paint.


AUTO CERTES 1 Fri, 12/06/2020

I'm sorry I didn't explain myself very well I'm not trying to use touch up paint on this particular box. The box is there to show the colour match and I was just wondering if anybody had used this paint before and if it was true to the digital paint chip or if it comes out lighter or darker. 

Mowtown Sat, 13/06/2020

It does not look far off but PC monitor colours do vary, it even looks close to the OLC web banner colour.

The normal way is to match an area of virgin paint like inside the chain cover.  Dealers sometimes repainted a machine at overhaul and not always in the exact original shade.

I believe Ransomes varied the green sometime in the 60's to a slightly darker shade.

I matched that on my mid-60's Ransomes Fourteen at a paint supplier and came up with a code of Syntolack LS116  G6248 which should make sense to any supplier.  I also have a note of LS127 John Deere 3 but recall this as a bit too light.  There used to be a touch-up aerosol available through dealers, I noted the number some place where I would not loose it - wrong!

This has probably confused more than helped, but no doubt other members will add their bit.

Regards,   Mowtown Ken.