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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransomes green brush on paint

Where are you buying from, searching online it's coming up more expensive than an aerosol. £15 for half a litre. I've decided the rear roller will look better painted so assume I will still need to undercoat? 

I've got a spare week as I varnish the wooden rollers with 6 coats for overkill.

Jonson Mon, 20/01/2020

Hi. Have you tried the Smith & Allen Tractol brand? I think the cheapest you can get that is about £18 (including delivery) for a 1 litre tin, directly from Smith & Allen. A 400ml aerosol is a bit cheaper. Going off a few pics online of mowers finished in that paint it looks a reasonable match to the original Ransomes green. Having said that I admit to being way too fussy with colour matching, different lighting & pc/phone screens can be very misleading.

Warpa Mon, 20/01/2020

Thanks for that and I'll have a look. I've been getting my aerosol paint from mower magic and I do like their green and cylinder red. I may have to spray the roller as I have spent a fortune on paint as I want this mower to see another 50 odd years before another restoration. I get paid best week so things most likely will change.