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Ransomes marquis mk4 roller

I have got this far (see picure), but am unsure if the roller sprocket is left hand thread, as with the cylinder, Logic suggests it should be. I wish to remove the rear roller for crack welding and general mechanical service. I think I can lock the roller by passing a bar into the oiler hole. Any other tips please


wristpin Sat, 22/07/2017

The roller sprocket does have a left hand thread and is often extremely tight. I would not recommend trying to lock the roller by poking a bar through the oil hole. You are more than likely to end up with a bigger welding job. Bear in mind that the pawl type differential, locking the shaft to the rollers, is designed to drive the rollers forward when the sprocket is turned anti-clockwise but to unscrew the sprocket you will be turning it clockwise with the diff freewheeling.  Ransomes make provision for locking the spindle by a slot in the right hand end accessed through a hole in the right hand chassis side plate covered by a rubber bung. The slot is to accept a locking tool , either from the machine's original kit or home made. 

It is not an easy job to do single handed and I have made a fixture that engages the slot and bolts to the RH side plate using the existing bearing carrier threaded holes. I've also made a sprocket gripping tool with an eighteen inch long handle which often needs a three foot length of pipe slipped over it to loosen the sprocket.