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Ransomes Midget

Dear all

I wonder if club members could provide any information about the Ransomes Midget please? I can find a good deal of information about the Minor on the web but very little mention of the Midget. I believe it dates from the early 1940s but info or any restoration tips would be much appreciated.

It is a nice little machine, with 14 inch cut and bearing the ID plate  T1194

Many thanks


hdtrust Sun, 23/09/2018


Your Ransomes Midget is quite rare. A 14 inch machine, the number you have given T1194 dates to 1935. The engine is a 98cc Villiers Midget The date range of these machines starts in 1933 and ends in 1937,Whence from the Minor takes over in 1938

Kind regards

Andrew Hall

The Hall & Duck Trust

Shedfull Wed, 26/09/2018

Dear Andrew

Many thanks for the information and for pinpointing the year of manufacture.