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Ransomes, should I bother

Hello to all, I've seen a Ransomes motor mower on an auction site, not far from me in Highbridge, had no bids as yet and not long left, I've never seen this type before and although I don't think it's particularly old, 60s I would have thought, it might make a nice restoration piece, I'll describe it best I can to help with ID. Firstly from above it looks like a hammerhead shark, wide cylinder with narrow body which engine is mounted and obviously handle out the back, big rubber tyres and quite a lot of sheet metal covering cylinder and body, any information on this would be greatly appreciated, or a model name or number so I can look if it's got the original bits on it or been messed with. 

wristpin Wed, 23/05/2018

I would think that Admin has correctly identified it as a Multimower -  sometimes referred to as a reel cutter.  The multi comes from it being available with interchangeable heads - cylinder (reel) and rotary. In its day it was a favourite with local authorities  - until ride-ons took over. Very early ones had JAP engines but later ones with MAG engines were more often to be found in disposal sales in the 70s and 80s. They featured a two-speed transmission - transport and cutting speeds and the standard cylinder was four bladed with a really aggressive three blade one being an option.  

Lee Smallwood Thu, 24/05/2018

Thanks guys, will.let you know, may be too big to take on in my little workshop thats full of "projects"  I'd prefer to have a corporation in the cue rather than the Ransomes so I'll probably be patient and wait for one of them to turn up. Thanks for the info.