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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransomes Transfers

Hi all,

and I apologise in advance if this has been covered before. I want to ask anyway incase there is new stuff around.

My first question is - where is it possible to get a "transfer" for the grass bucket of a MK4 Ransomes Ajax? Its the QEII crest with gold writing.

and the same for my 1950/60's Ransomes Conquest. I am also trying to get hold of a transfer for this mower. 

I can't see either in the clubs transfers section. I do see that a guy in Australia is selling vinyl decals not transfers? 

I would prefer a transfer as I don't want to see two shades of green - the sticker and Mower, if you know what I mean?

Can anyone help?

Kindest regards,

Kevin  :)

OLC Shop Mon, 13/04/2020

You are correct in that we do not stock the two you mention. The Conquest is in fact on our shortlist for future production and that particular Ajax one deserves to be, in view of the number of machines around and still in use. As we go ' greener ' it is likely to become even more popular.

It always takes time for projects to become reality, all the more so if they are to be successfully achieved at a sensible price that will be acceptable to Members. A major factor in the feasibility is having a good original. If a poor copy or photo has to be worked from, or if one has to produce artwork from scratch, it is very time consuming.

I'd like to take this opportunity of clarifying one point. I much prefer to use the term transfer; decal is I believe of U.S. origin.  As far as I am concerned  the term transfer in this context simply refers to an image which is movable from one surface to another, ie it is transferred. The fact that it may be self-adhesive should not be taken to imply that it is in any way inferior to the earlier waterslide type. The transfers we supply are carefully reproduced as accurately as it is possible to get. Areas where the underlying paint colour is visible are printed clear, so there is no difference in background colour. There are a number of advantages with vinyl, not least of which is durability.

The answer to your question is - if you are not pressed timewise we can probably help in due course.

kbonney88 Wed, 15/04/2020

Hi and Thanks Colin,

ad I totally agree.. I am not pressed for time, so I will hang fast on needing the transfers for both Mowers.. I can still progress with the Ajax's restoration, and I will leave the work on the grass box.

And as far as the Conquest goes, I will just use it as is for the time being.. Its a great little mower, cuts well and looks cool.. hehehe.. :)

Kindest regards, Kevin  :)