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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Rescued another J&P mower from the Tip!

I spent the morning sorting out my garage as the weather here was so bad and went to the tip to get rid of some of the clutter..... However, I spotted this forlorn looking J&P Major 11" cylinder mower this afternoon amongst all the plastic cheap thruway mowers at my local tip.i just could not ignore and thought I would have a quick look.  It rolls freely and has a nice patina. The wooden handles has woodworm and one handle is damaged. Sadly no grass box for this one. At the moment it is under cover in the dry awaiting my attention at some point. £2 well spent on saving a quality mower.


Chris G Sun, 11/11/2018

I don't think any of us could resist for £2 :-) Good find.

Do wonder where the money goes, I was throwing away an old bar football table and a chap asked if he could have it, the skip workers got very shirty as we loaded it from my car to his.

Triumph66 Mon, 12/11/2018

I can find very little information about this particular model. Can anyone tell me a bit more about it please. 

Clive1997 Mon, 12/11/2018


I have spoken to the clubs JP expert & pass on the following message for all to see & I will email you direct with contact details.......

The Major was produced first in 1937 and is effectively  a 12” (not 11”) version of the Minor and uses many of the same parts. It is gear driven and has a split rear roller system the centre portion is of cast iron making it very heavy for a small mower. The serial number is stamped on the top edge of the left aluminium transmission cover and starts with JR. There should be a shaped cover over the rear roller which is obviously missing. I’ve restored two of these so if the owner wants any help or sight of the instruction book get him to contact me; and of course I would like to know the serial number !


Triumph66 Mon, 12/11/2018

Thanks Clive for the above post and for the email. I will contact the J&P expert once I got the serial # number for his records. 

Triumph66 Mon, 12/11/2018

I received a very friendly email from the Club's expert on J&P mowers. Extracts below:


I'm very glad you rescued your JP Major as they are very uncommon. I only
have 5 on my register. Made from 1937 the last one recorded was in 1940 and
they did not reappear after the war.



Triumph66 Tue, 13/11/2018

I had a few minutes today to give the JP Major a quick clean. I believe the serial number is 71 which I presume is a very example from 1937 but I will know more when my query is confirmed.