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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Scammer warning

A scammer has replied to my ad in the wanted classifieds sections, wanting my full address and sending me a picture of a motorcycle (!) - perhaps has misread the name of the club......

so if you have an ad in the classifieds keep your wits about you


Triumph66 Wed, 02/12/2020

I had an email too recently asking whether I was looking for another mower? Not sure if it's genuine but a quick look at the sender's email originates from gmail...   What's was the name of your email sender out of interest? 

Will Wed, 02/12/2020

Gmail ! 

English was non too clever, they didn't give a name, I was suspicious from the start but when he or she sent me an internet image of a motorbike and talked of their health problems, well...

Triumph66 Thu, 03/12/2020

A different one for me but the chap could be genuine; hard to say really.