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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Scraper plate recasting

For anyone who is nervous about the cost versus finished product of having an old cast iron mower part recast look no further and worry not. The first ever 'old' mower I bought was an 8inch Greens Silens Messor. Nothing special about that you say. True but being the first it is special to me. It came  with a chain sprocket missing and it's 8 inch scraper plate. It's sat at the back of a shed - not even my workshop in a very sorry state. Time has come to bring it back to life. Clive very kindly loaned me his 8inch plate and facilitated the recasting at a foundry near Dartford. I think you'll agree from the photos the result is excellent.I've included photos of an original to compare.

RansomesRob Thu, 15/07/2021

Hi Sean. That is a fantastic job, great to be able to get one done for what you say was your first 'old mower' and being special to you. Nowhere near as ornate, or as big a job as your 'Scraper Plate' but, I remember being well pleased to eventually obtain some original Grommets that fitted the oiling hole on the Cutter Bearings Cover for my JP 'Mini Mower' that was my first 'old mower' as it finished off the restoration. Cheers. Rob