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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Selling on this site?

I mistakenly advertised some items on this general discussion section last week as I'm still navigating me way around slowly, I was directed to the "advertise mowers" secton by two other members. I am trying to sell parts here, not complete machines, I am confused as to where to find that section? I filled in the form as best I could, but had to leave many boxes vacant because they don't apply.

After clicking onto the 'go' button, in the the next page it now appears that my ad' for a JP mower will now appear in the next club magazine! I'm trying to sell a central handle holding bracket for said machine/s, why is there no 'how to' advice for newcomers section?

No criticism is intended, I use many other club forums etc. but find this one a little unusual to navigate so far. David.

DJD Wed, 20/01/2021

"You cannot use this form to place Classified Ads on the site"

I've just read, why not? I belong to a few motorbike clubs and stuff is sold all the time on them, could someone please explain what the problem is? Most clubs have an 'open market' kind of approach, having said that, I was a member of another horticultural type club and their explanation was that due to a big proportion of their membership being without Internet access, it would be unfair to leave them out etc.?

Is that it?

olcadmin Wed, 20/01/2021


For historic reasons we have a separate form for adverts to go in Grassbox and for Classified Ads on the site. This is, as you have suggested, because not all members have access to the website and many of those that do don't visit as often as our active members.  

Therefore adverts in GB offer a better option for sellers because they reach more people and to members because it gives everyone a fairer chance to see the listing at more or less the same time. The Classified Ads were originally intended for situations where people didn't want to wait for the next GB and/or when considerations about reaching people are not a concern. We don't include listings from Classifieds in the following GB because it would be too much trouble to check and cross reference to see which ones are still "live". The system has worked well for years.

I'm not sure I understand your comment about the form that you filled in: it's very clear at the top that it is to submit adverts for inclusion in the newsletter and you can read all of the explanations before you fill it in or submit it.

Similarly, the Classified Ads are easy to find. I see that you have found them already and posted something there last week.

As a general point to all registered users, when you are logged on you can see quick links to all of the types of content you can create (forum posts, classified ads etc) on your own using the Create Content link in the My Club & Content menu.

CandJM Wed, 20/01/2021

Hello, I've just joined the group for the sole purpose of advertising a stunning Ransomes Certes push mower that we have inherited from a relative. Having found the club and site thought it would bring the mower to the enthusiasts. I don't really want a newsletter classified ad as this would be too far off in the future; I just want to sell the mower the easiest way! So is it possible to just put a website advert up? 


Messorestore Wed, 20/01/2021

May I also add that it was very disappointing for me to display and describe for interest a mower - to have taken the trouble to research, extricate a machine from my workshop in appalling weather, put it back, take photos, write the spiel and post only to have it knocked off the forum by stuff being sold. It happened within 20 minutes of posting - no exaggeration!  I'm also a new member.


olcadmin Wed, 20/01/2021


That's why we have the Classified Ad - it goes live on the site as soon as you post it.

CandJM Thu, 21/01/2021

Hello, so how can I do this without being a paid member? The only section I can find is the classified section for fee paying members and I'm sure I've looked throughly in the whole site.


olcadmin Thu, 21/01/2021

No, it's for all registered users. Have you actually tried to do it? I mean clicked on the link where it says Add Your Own Classified Advertisement?

DJD Thu, 21/01/2021

Thanks admin. and others for the good advice and comments, problem was mostly my own fault it seems, my 70th birthday later this year and increasing forgetfulness are not helping my situation, but I will carry on regardless.

olcadmin Thu, 21/01/2021


Not at all. I am aware that the site could be a bit easier to use in places. I think this is the result of it having evolved over many years to add new sections and features etc. When I spot something - or just as likely when something is pointed out - I will do my best to make some changes.

One of the projects I will be working on this year is to upgrade the whole site to the latest version of the system we use - it will take time but it also presents an ideal opportunity to streamline some of the features.

In the meantime, I am happy to help any member to complete their posts. As others have suggested, this can often be achieved most easily by contacting me direct - either using the site's contact form but even more easily by clicking on my username (green when you are logged on) anywhere on the site to show my profile and then clicking on the Contact tab.