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Shanks Silver Comet

Hi all,

Just joined the site as I have an old push mower in my shed that I would like to find some info on. It's a Shanks Silver Comet. It's actually in great working condition, so am considering selling it. If anybody knows anything about this mower, history, value, etc. I'd be very grateful.

Apologies if i've posted this in the wrong place.



Clive1997 Mon, 27/06/2016

Hello Jonathan

Welcome to the forum, a bit of info for you as follows...

The Shanks Silver Comet was introduced post war 1945/6, They were produced using alloy from crashed German & British aircraft and marketed as a light domestic roller mower, not one of Shanks greatest & they were dropped from production by 1951.

I am assuming yours has the tubular pram type handle? They also produced some with a traditional wooden 'T' handles as used on their side wheel mowers.

Hope this info helps.