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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Shanks Thistle

I've just been lucky enough to acquire a Shanks Thistle which doesn't seem that common. It dates from around the mid '30's and comes with a wooden sided grassbox with original transfer; there is also one on the chain case.


My immediate problem, particularly with the grassbox, is that I want to treat the surface rust without damaging the transfer. My thought is to carefully rub down around the transfer then apply Waxoil overall but I'm wondering if it might react with the transfer. Anyone got any ideas or experience of proposed treatment ?

hillsider Mon, 09/04/2018

A nice find you have there, re your question about preservatives affecting the remains of the transfers I suspect that it will be a case of suck it and see. I have used Waxoyl on a car and much larger bits of machinery with no adverse effects to paint work but the effects long term on the logo of your mower is an unknown.

Before getting to a point of no return it could work investigating a replacement decal.

hdtrust Mon, 09/04/2018


The best way is to coat the decals with clear egg shell lacquer, this will bring the colours out and protect the bear metal showing.This process can also be used on polished brass parts to stop the brass tarnishing.

A word of warning, do not use it in a confined space unless you want a free trip!



stonethemows Fri, 13/04/2018

Thank you for the advice; I will pursue both options.

I'm always up for a free trip !

I do also realise I made a slip of the keyboard and I should of course have typed gearcase rather than chaincase.