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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Shattered Dreams

The title of this discussion isn't an ode to Johnny hates jazz, it is my thoughts after perusing the "makes and models" section of this very website.

The dream in question, well, an idea really was to try and collect every model manufactured by the Suffolk iron foundry up until the 70s. 

Now I thought I was close with 7 models (without the variations in marks and cutting widths),  there is actually around 24.

My wish list has now tripled, and  reality has set in that I will probably never see let alone own all the suffolks. Especially the mower made for a cigarette company (Superb) and the shingler edger.

Mr Wristpin, i have my fingers crossed 

I will endeavour to keep the dream alive but help from other club members will be greatly appreciated.

So between messing around trying to get my corporation sorted, i'll be scanning the classifieds, looking through auction catalogues and hoping the wish list gets smaller.

Regards to all my mower friends.


Triumph66 Sat, 01/12/2018

One of the joys of collecting is the tracking down of an elusive item which in our case here are vintage lawn mowers. The excitement of finding it and then organising its collection is immeasurable. I also love reading about the subject and have been very fortunate to have been in contact with two very knowledgeable JP experts who have been only too pleased to impart thier encyclopaedic knowledge of these quality built machines. I am afraid I have that collector's gene in me much to my wife's angst! 

Since this is an Old Lawn Mower forum, I have decided to just concentrate on JP push mowers due to lack of space. With the exception of the rarer models such as the Major, I am looking out for good original JP models with a good grass box. 

Lee Smallwood Sat, 01/12/2018

Those illusive items each and every one of us are after can certainly put a smile on the face when they show up. Even the lawnmower that you werent even lookin for can get the blood flowing, and they usually show up where you least expect. 

I have one JP in my collection, I haven't really paid it much attention but it's a maxees around 14 inch. Every time I move it about the garage I get the impression it's a bit better quality than the Ajax's and the Webb's I have, next summer I'll bring it home and have a play but it rolls freely and maybe the misses will prefer one of my mowers compared to her Bosch electric. Here's hoping. 

I sold a Colt today to a lad no older than 25, maybe he'll get the bug as I did when I bought home a Colt that started this obsession.