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Shot Blasting

Having stripped down my Atco Commodore b2o, i am thinking of just how far to go. One of my thoughts is shot blast everything. I have a small 25L Compressor and am considering buying a small shot blasting gun for it. Has anyone tried using one and did it work OK? I guess it would only be for the more intricate sections, the larger panels can be wire brushed with a grinder.


wristpin Fri, 12/06/2015

I think that your compressor will limit you to what is usually sold as a "spot blaster" which is primarily  for cleaning up local areas of car body corrosion prior to preparing and painting.. I don't know what the cost of the gun and blasting medium will come to but I wonder whether having the whole mower professionally blasted and primed will come to that much more - particularly if you can find someone willing to work for beer tokens.! With the Commodore you have a plastic grass box so the actual area of metal to be blasted is not that great  I say "and primed" because blast cleaned metal will rust while you watch it so it is important to get the primer on asap. My local man puts on an epoxy primer which is both impervious to moisture and chip resistant..

I suppose that i'm a good customer but my chap charges around £65 blasting and priming for a complete Ransomes Marquis chassis including the handlebars , steel grass box and the engine cowling and fuel tank..

Glenfish Sat, 13/06/2015

OK thanks for that, geuss I need to find someone local then, Sth Hants if anyone has any ideas?

Covbandit Mon, 15/06/2015

I bought one of those shot blasters to use with a reasonable hobbie size compressor for an old V12 series 2 Jag I had.

Useless...........The shot was a sand and didn't touch it

Maybe later day one's are a bit better but be careful

I have a mate next door in Jag Heritage now and they have just bought an industrial one. laugh

I have a Atco 20 you should see how the exhaust came up and a nice coat of black heat proof paint. Looks good....Just need some dry weather to have a play again