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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Some Viulliers piston ring sets unearthed recently.

Found these amongst my Aspera etc. stash, I wonder how I might track down the engine they fit.

A tad too small for A tad too small for my lightweight Villiers engine.

DJD Sat, 20/02/2021

I was using Firefox when I made this post, I used it to replace Google chrome when my computer was playing up and found that I was no longer able to type out comments underneath the pictures, maybe I will use Chrome in future to log on here.

Not all providers are the same, if that's the correct term.

DJD Sun, 21/02/2021

Thanks for replying wristpin, but the engine I've shown with one top ring sat in is the one you advised me was 'probably' a 125 or 150cc lightweight, if it is in fact, then the roughly 50 thous end gap means my bore is shot!

I must find a parts book for that engine soon.

hortimech Thu, 25/02/2021

Don't know if it has any meaning, but there is a label that says A15 on the 4th photo. The A15 was a 146cc engine


mikehpw1 Thu, 25/02/2021


dont suppose any are 67mm are they I'm wanting a set for a 250cc MK6A 6 cheers 

villiers98 Wed, 10/03/2021

As the box says A15 on the side that seems likely . According to the book by Jack Sizer the A15 was 65 mm std bore, whereas the MK 15  was 63mm and F15 64mm. E & OE