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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Someone trying to scam me for a Certes?

This will be the 2nd time, both times the photos they have sent me are from a quick search on the internet. These are the photos they sent from a nower that lives in Denver USA.

Have any members come across these images before? It starting to feel like the mower gods dont want me to own a Certes, maybe I should just walk away now and stick to my Flymo.

AUTO CERTES 1 Tue, 26/11/2019

Hi Warpa

That worth point photo has been around for ever and it's a very nice looking mk12. I've never heard of mower scamming before though! Lmao !

Edda Tue, 26/11/2019

Hi Warpa,

If your really after a Certes I might have a 16 inch for sale, also I agree that is an old stock photo.

Warpa Tue, 26/11/2019

Hi Edda, that would be great if you did have one for sale, but I may have to wait untill the new year as I dont have hundreds to spend.

wristpin Tue, 26/11/2019

eBay seems to have become open season for scammers , both buyers and sellers. Unfortunately eBay appear to be unable or unwilling to do much about it.