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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Stiff starting on Allan scythe.

Hi, Allan Scythe is very stiff to start!   Most mowers and the like can be cussed until you get the knack.  Feels heavy when you get to the middle of the starting rope when pulling.  It runs well when it starts. Any suggestions please! 

wristpin Tue, 18/07/2017

I hoped that someone who knows about Allen scythes would supply an answer but as they haven't, here goes.  I believe that they are permanently in drive to the blades so are the blades on your's correctly adjusted and lubricated or is there a tight spot? From memory there is an exposed rocking lever or Pitman connecting the engine to the blades so you could try disconnecting that and see whether the engine still goes tight when it is disconnected.