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Suffolk A98 Controls

I believe this is an Suffolk A98 and I'm not sure how to use it runs fine but its a bit wild when setting off

On the left hand side of the chain case there is a black knob how do i use it correctly and on the clutch fly wheel there is a cover that says in/out what,s this for please?  At the moment its held in place by some wire ...Any help would be great also how old is it approximate many thanks Richard



hillsider Thu, 11/06/2015

Hello and welcome to the OLC Forum, from what I can see of your mower it would seem that you have Suffolk Super Punch chassis but I have reservations about the engine, it may be my eyes but the engine looks as though it could be from a later mower. The colour and style of the crankcase looks as though it is the later aluminium type.

But to answer your questions,

The black knob to the left of the mower operates a Dog Clutch that disconnects the drive to the rear roller but allows the cylinder to remain driven. This allows you to mow around bushes or other obstacle safely.

The piece of wire is taking the place of a spring loaded ball that should be holding the peg clutch in the drive position.

The secret of a smooth drive is only increase the revs gently and to decrease them just before the end of the run so that the drive does not over run.

Another tip that I learned many moons ago was to keep the throttle control lever pivot slack (some were adjustable) so that should you let go of the handlebars for any reason the engine speed would return to idle and the mower come to a halt.

mr pickles Thu, 11/06/2015

your correct its an aluminum block motor. I will try to adjust the throttle control there any way of repairing the peg clutch



hillsider Fri, 12/06/2015

Ahh ok the old peepers are not playing tricks then, re adjusting the throttle lever the one that I have in mind has a tensioning screw in the centre of the lever as used on older mowers, the later pressed steel type of lever would need some experimenting with.

The first step with the peg clutch is to find out why the wire has been resorted to, this may be due to the spring loaded detent ball in the drive shaft disappearing if so you can either fit a replacement shaft from a donor machine or swap the piece of wire for a jubilee type hose clip.

Also check that the drive pegs and their locating holes in the clutch drum are not badly worn as this could also cause problems with the clutch disengaging.

wristpin Fri, 12/06/2015

All good advice . especially Hillsider's tip about learning to shut down in time to stop before you run out of lawn! The clue may be in his forum name!

I would add that the dog clutch that engages/disengages the rear roller is meant to be operated by hand and not , as I have seen done, kicked in and out!  Even with correct treatment that dog clutch can go out of adjustment and not disengage cleanly but its pivot/fulcrum is adjustable . However if over the course of time the rear roller bearings wear and allow left to right movement of the roller it may make it impossible to adjust the dog clutch. The solution is a washer or washers to eliminate the end float in preferably inserted at the clutch end of the roller shaft, or, not so satisfactory but needing less dismantling, at the non drive end.

As far as the engine goes, some of the later 17" Super Punches did have the early version of the A98 aluminium engine with the Zenith carburettor so your engine may be "original".

mr pickles Fri, 12/06/2015

jubilee clip it is then. As for the drive pegs one is missing so i shall strip it down and see what damage has been done if any