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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Suffolk Colt Flywheel Puller Holes question

It is only out of interest that I am asking this question.

Back in the day, would you have made your own style of handle for the purpose of utilising the puller holes on the flywheel for extraction?  or would the Suffolk Iron Foundry have provided a type of tool.

I have tried to imagine how this might be perfected but equally, I am wondering if anyone has used by their own design their own method.



wristpin Mon, 19/10/2020

Made this about forty years ago. Undo the LHT crankshaft nut just far enough to protect the end of the thread and then apply pressure with the centre forcing screw. Plenty to hold on to stops the flywheel falling on the floor when the nut is removed! 

John.Sutherland Wed, 21/10/2020

That is a good design and not complicated either, I thought perhaps the tool would be something similar the letter Y in design with one rotating hand (Like a Clock) so that you can select the appropriate bolt pulling hole.