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Suffolk iron foundry qualcast mower


first time visitor to this forum and wondering if anyone can help me. I bought an old qualcast Suffolk punch some years ago, primarily because I want going to pay the going rate for a manual garden roller. I've been searching for some history but cannot find the same model. Unlike the Colt, or similar, it does not utilise the centrifugal clutch, the clutch lever works in reverse (IE the mower will self propel when the lever is released), and it has a seperate  lever for engaging the blade. The tank sits on top of the engine, and it has a cylindrical silencer. 

Can anyone give me any history on this?

hillsider Mon, 18/04/2016

Hello and welcome to the Old Lawnmower Club, re identifying your mower/roller it would help if you could post a photo of the machine. 

hillsider Mon, 18/04/2016

The Commodore was my first thought but I don't recall seeing one with the tank on the engine.

Ril5211 Mon, 18/04/2016

I can't post an image?! However, wit the exception of the tank location, this looks like the very one.

Thank you.