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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Suffolk Punch 30s

Hi I have just joined (waiting for membership to come through) and all this is new to me, just something I am just starting out in. I have acquired a Suffolk Punch 30's (see Pictures).And I could do with some advice. I have had this mower running and cut my grass with it and decided to give it a service on setting about lubrication I found that the right hand side oiling point on the cutting shaft was leaking and would not hold oil. I have been told that the seal obsolete and you can't get them now. so now for some advice please. Can anyone give me a rough age for the mower, is it worth hanging on to the mower and doing up, or do I break for spares,or just offer it for sale as it is.

wristpin Wed, 29/04/2015

If you need a mower and it's the right size, hang onto it but they were made in their thousands and were not exactly quality so it is what it is !

Yours, badged Qualcast , with the aluminium  block engine and "console" fuel tank will be fairly late in a very long production run ; I'm guessing the 1980s

The cylinder shaft seals were fairly rudimentary and would not retain a quantity of oil but some will remain on the bearing even if some  runs out. A lump of grease in there will help retain more oil. 

As far as I can remember the seal, although originally available separately  became part of the bearing cone and not latterly available as an individual part. Try Gateshead  Mower Centre for a new cone and seal if it worries you. The part number of the assembly was F016L07154.


gwr360 Wed, 29/04/2015

Thanks for the info will give them a try,this mower is not my normal one for cutting grass, it is just one I got hold of. Have you got any idea where I might find a PDF file for the repair of these mowers?


wristpin Wed, 29/04/2015

As far as I know there was never a workshop manual issued. I have an owners' manual for an earlier version with the cast iron engine which covers adjustments and maintenance of the chassis which will be the same as yours. I'll dig it out, scan it and post a Dropbox link within the next day or so.

On edit - best I can find  but it is for the A98 Aluminium block engine.…