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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Suffolk punch 35 restore

Hi I joined as I currently doing a quickish restore on a Suffolk punch 35 . I got this mower as well as a Suffolk super punch dual drive 17" and a Suffolk colt 25 as part of a job lot of 5 mowers I won on ebay for just £30 . (See pic of all of them ) I've kept the red champion 40 for myself and the yellow one has been sold as well as the Suffolk dual drive as that just had a quick clean up and got it running.  The reason I'm doing a full repaint and replacing any worn parts on the 35 as I seen they sell for decent cash. Well here's pics of how it's getting on

wristpin Fri, 11/08/2017

Good luck with your paint for profit project. In this part of the country there are so many of that generation Suffolk / Qualcast on offer that they make very little money. Remember that there's often a big difference between the asking or starting price and the actual sale price.

craig2017 Sat, 12/08/2017

Well one the same as mine sold for £138 on ebay last week and the mower cost me nothing as I'm already in profit from the job lot. So only cost to me is the paint and had the buy a rev lever and the plastic panel for the top of the handle bars and that's cost just £10. So definitely a decent profit in it. I always look at the price they sell for not advertised price

craig2017 Sun, 13/08/2017

Picked up the parts it was missing today . Bargain at £10

Not done much more as been busy with a couple of jobs on a more modern mower but should be starting to put it all back together over the next week 

craig2017 Mon, 14/08/2017

Metal spray paint so it's a smoother finish . Got the handle bars done today . Took a while do do them as everything is going back to bare metal 

Chudleigh Wed, 16/08/2017

Yes, I'm thinking of refinishing a couple of colts. I was wondering about  your choice of brand and type green and red paint.

craig2017 Wed, 16/08/2017

I've used some spray paint from wilko think it's £4.95 a can and used there primer too . Think I've used a few cans now a's put good coats on 

craig2017 Wed, 16/08/2017

Another bit looking good just need to fit the drive lever now. And as I'd only had the engine fire up for a couple of seconds by putting fuel in the head I thought id get the carb all cleaned out and change the oil to see if it's a good runner before I repaint it and with the carb all cleaned it fired straight up . It looked like it hadn't been used for a very long time so goes to show how good these older mowers are . Here's a link to the video   (I put the engine on a old colt I've got to test it so the loud noise is the clutch bell ect as there is no chain on and the bearing is gone)

Punch engine running