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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Suffolk Punch Dual Drive mk. 7

If anyone has original chaincase and/or grassbox transfers in situ on a Suffolk Punch Dual Drive mk. 7 would they please let me have the measurements - width and height.

It's this one :

Thanks in anticipation,


villiers98 Sun, 29/08/2021

The chaincase one is 224mm high x 226 mm wide. The grassbox one is 225mm high and 228 wide. hope this helps

stonethemows Sun, 29/08/2021

Thank you for confirming that. I suspect the slight differences reflect the two being printed at differeent times or different sources. Research has revealed that the transfers should be slightly different in design - it's all down to the hole for the bolt in the chaincase !

We should be taking delivery of updated sets for this model shortly.