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Suffolk(?) Sidewheel mower

Hi all, I just bought a Suffolk? Qualcast sidewheel mower, If anyone knows anything about these please let me know, also I am after an engine for it....original is seized and too far gone to use! 

wristpin Mon, 04/05/2015

They made two engine driven Suffolk branded side wheel mowers that I know of, the Squire and the Corporation  - both 19", and a 16" Qualcast branded one the Commando 16" Power Mower. There may be others.

if you have either of the 19" machines the engine replacement will be easy as it was the same as that used on the Colt and Punch ranges of cylinder mowers for many years . Although the original engine was probably 75cc try to find a 98 cc one from a Punch which as well as having a bit more power should have a deep sump that will put the crank at the right level . Failing that it is a simple job to swap the sump from your failed unit.