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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Suffolk Super Colt

My first time on this forum! I recently purchased this Suffolk Super Colt for £15 and have made it my aim to get it back to looking immaculate again. I ran it for the first time this weekend and have attached the images of it doing so. I have also attached an image of the removed engine cowl ready for a rub-down and repainting (engine info plate is intact and will remain so). One question, what colour of green would be best for the sideplates etc (brush paints only please)? Thanks in advance.

I will post developments regarding this project in the future and I hope you enjoy reading them.



hortimech Mon, 26/09/2016

You can buy paint in aerosols, but you will probably be better off removing the centrifugal clutch cover and taking it to B&Q (or some place similar). Get them to scan the inside of the cover (this will be less faded) and mix you some up.


commercialjets Thu, 13/10/2016

Thanks for the reply, in the end I used Hammerite smooth red and looking at a Buckingham green (??)


commercialjets Wed, 17/05/2017

Latest update on the project. The bars have been re-painted, as has the tank. The right side plate has been re-painted also. I ran the mower for the first time this year and it started second pull. Sorry for the inactivity but life got in the way.