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Suffolk super Colt paint and Transfer

Hi All

can anyone help me I have just stared to restore three Suffolk Colt mowers and I need the green red and orange paint do you no where I can get it from or does anyone no the paint code. Also do you no where I can get the transfers from as well.



hillsider Tue, 24/11/2015

Hello and welcome to the Old Lawnmower Club, 

The link should take you to a collection of mower transfers that can be purchased through this club. Regarding the paint there are several options open to you varying from a visit to your nearest car parts store for a spray can if you are lucky enough to find a match or take along a piece of your mower that has an area of unweathered paint to a DIY store that can scan your paint and match the colours that you have on your mower.

As a rule the red can be fairly flexible some folk use Post Office red others will go for Hammerite red, there is contained in one of the technical help sections of this website a section dealing with some mowers and the colours known to have been used on them also so general help regarding the choice of paint etc.

Found it-

wristpin Wed, 25/11/2015

If you want the paint to be an exact match you will have to go the matching route outlined above but a couple of readily available colours are available from Central Spares, John Deere Green and Westwood Orange.

Unfortunately the OLC transfer stock does not include one for the basic Colt, only the MK V11 Colt .

This is my MK V11 painted as above.

Apologies for the side on image, it was the right way up when it left me !

Edit. I forgot to say, the engine is Hammerite Smooth, Wild Thyme !



olcadmin Sat, 28/11/2015

I've rotated the image so that it's upright.

Link to transfers only works for full (ie paying) members signed on to site.

arnk Sat, 12/12/2015

I used spray paints from Halfords for my Suffolk Super Punch.  The colours that I used were Ford Laurel Green (maybe a bit dark), Ford Carnival Red (perhaps a bit too bright) and Ford Dove Grey for the engine.  I got a transfer online from a friendly chap in Australia but I don't know if he does the Colt.  So not necessarily authentic colours, but easily obtainable.